Automated Decision Intelligence

Automated Decision Intelligence™ transforms decision processes and helps management manage the split of investments between people and technology.

We enable our clients to achieve this transformation.

We are enabling our clients to transition from manual to automated decision processes. 

The results are extraordinary.

You save a surprisingly large number of intelligent management hours by automating decision processes.

The advantages of Automated Decision Intelligence™:

Invest intelligent management hours now to save hundreds of hours in the future.

New and useful decision data are created with high precision and accuracy.

Precise and accurate estimates of risk and return (ROI) are generated.

Simulated alternative scenarios for effective decision making are created at high speed.

High levels of data control ensure full compliance with data protection regulations.

Adding Automated Decision Intelligence™ to your intuition and “gut feelings” pays off – financially and personally – and your stakeholders benefit from high transparency at every step of the decision process.

Retail MasterPlan™

Retail MasterPlan™

The best alternative. How much revenue can/should we create from this retail location? Where should we locate retail chain stores? How many of our retail stores can the market accommodate?

The Human Decision System™

The Human Decision System™

The moment of truthHow do humans make decisions?  How can we create algorithms for behavioural predictions that reflect the human decision process?

Big Data for sale

Big Data for sale

Integrating datasources. What data is available to support our own ADI system? Consult the Gilling Universe of Big DECISION DATA for the answers.

Retail Ranking™

Retail Ranking™

Knowing who & why. Which retail chains are the optimal renters for this location?  Simulate which of the +500 Danish retail chains can create the best sustainable business from any retail location.

Office Ranking™

Office Ranking™

Knowing who & when. How do we direct our marketing to the most probable companies to rent our available office space?  Office Ranking™ predicts your most probable prospective tenants!

Center Ranking™

Center Ranking™

Knowing who & what. What is the optimal retail profile of the shops in our shopping centre from the shoppers’ perspective? Do we have the right mix of shops?  Who´s missing, who´s redundant?

MEDIA Ranking™

MEDIA Ranking™

Optimize!… Where and how can we maximize ROI and response to our marketing investments using advertising geolocation analysis and all social and psychological profiling and thus optimise all social media activity?

Software development

Software development

On time on price. Develop effective ADI solutions based on Gilling’s standard and bespoke components and Big Data.

The Profit Chain™

How to automate and optimize your sequence of business decisions with ADI and Big Data?

Finn Gilling presenting The Human Decision System™ at Symbion Science Park, August 2016

Teach yourself how to automate Business Decision making

Use 5 minutes:

How to develop a model for ADI and Big Data


The Profit Chain™ is a general model describing all the decisions, that any business management is confronted with. As these decisions are depending on each other, The Profit Chain™ also describes the optimal sequence in which to make them, maximizing your degrees of freedom as you are using them.

To design automated decision intelligence, translate these general decisions in The Profit Chain™ into “your reality” and add goals and targets as measurement points:

An example: The “location” decision in The Profit Chain™ model translated for ADI with Big data:

Retail chains need to find the best locations for their shops. The target is an unidentified address among millions of addresses. The goal is to maximize revenue at one of these addresses with a new shop.

To automate your business decisions with ADI, work systematically through all the business decisions in The Profit Chain™, and define goals and targets. When this is ready, you can identify your measurement points (ex…target = an address related to data like the number of consumers within 500 meters to the address, or shopping traffic around the address etc.)

If you have not seen The Profit Chain™ before, here is a short 5 minutes introduction – push left/right with the arrows at the screen below and start with no. 1.

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