ADI – Automated Decision Intelligence™

How to manage doubt?

The answer is ADI – Automated Decision Intelligence™ 

Automated Decision Intelligence™ transforms decision processes and helps management manage the split of investments between people and technology. 

We enable our clients to achieve this transformation.

  • We are enabling our clients to transition from manual to automated decision processes. 
  • The results are extraordinary.
  • You save a surprisingly large number of intelligent management hours by automating decision processes.

The advantages of Automated Decision Intelligence™:

  • Invest intelligent management hours now to save hundreds of hours in the future.
  • New and useful decision data are created with high precision and accuracy.
  • Precise and accurate estimates of risk and return (ROI) are generated.
  • Simulated alternative scenarios for effective decision making are created at high speed.
  • High levels of data control ensure full compliance with data protection regulations.

Adding Automated Decision Intelligence™ to your intuition and “gut feelings” pays off – financially and personally – and your stakeholders benefit from high transparency at every step of the decision process.

“Only true intelligence can be automated… otherwise it’s luck”.

Over a period of more than 25 years, Gilling has developed theories and methods for automated decision intelligence.

ADI – Automated Decision Intelligence™, is an umbrella concept embracing both real and artificial intelligence. ADI is at the core of the fourth industrial revolution, integrating knowledge about networking hardware, data, operating systems, algorithms, application software and biological and social decision systems.

ADI builds on the existence of biological decision systems that, driven by evolution, convert data from “chance” into “probability” for predictive use. The advent of the digital computer has scaled this evolutionary process in both speed and capacity, and computerised systems that mimic biological decision systems are now taking the lead in complex decision making. Hence the hype right now about big data, machine learning, deep learning and AI in general. 

Biological decision systems determine all behaviour – from E. coli at the bottom of the evolutionary scale, to homo sapiens at the top. The human decision system is the most advanced of all biological decision systems.

In this context, understanding ADI is your key to a still cheaper, scalable and more efficient production of optimized decisions.

Gilling has written and published two books about the subject:

We invite you to attend an introduction to biological decision systems. You will learn about their origins, structure and functions, and you will learn about the human decision system in detail. This knowledge will provide you with an essential grounding in Automated Decision Intelligence and its central future role in advanced decision making technologies and enable you to construct efficient and useful algorithms for life, business and science.

The books:

“In Search of PROFIT was recently published in 2015 based on the old 1997 edition. The book describes “The PROFIT chain” explaining ALL the necessary and sufficient decisions that must be made to run a company or an organization. “The PROFIT chain” also explains the optimal sequence in which these decisions must be made in order to preserve as many degrees of freedom as possible as they are used by decisions. This highly structured knowledge will help you in designing complex automated systems that automate decision making to optimize profits.

You can buy the book here or directly at Amazon (or

“The Human Decision System is a scientific book describing the origin and evolution of biological decision systems. In the book an analysis of the decision systems in one celled organisms and in scrub jays and other mammals, leads to the human decision system. The book and its conclusions are based on the specific research results from 13 Nobel prize recipients and many other break through scientific discoveries. The concept of universal biological decision systems and the specific model of The Human Decision System becomes a basic frame of reference for all types of ADI. In this way the ring is closed on the conceptual and logical level between the human neurons making up the nervous system and AI in general.

This book will probably become a general and important tool for people who want to understand in depth, how they in the future can make the best decisions about developing, buying and using ADI systems, and who must take responsibility for the necessary change- and learning processes in their organizations, facing the competition for survival during the fourth industrial revolution.

You can buy the book here  or directly at Amazon (or

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